Welcome to Muddy Paws Cheesecake, handmade cheesecakes from scratch! We ship nationwide, deliver in the Twin Cities and have a retail bakery in St Louis Park, Minnesota! We offer a premium cheesecake in several flavors and have been in Minnesota for 30 years. Order a cheesecake or stop by to purchase one!

Our Cheesecakes Speak for Themselves, But Our Customers Speak Louder

Melissa Cohrs
3 months ago

I have had a vision of having cheesecake for my wedding day for many many years. The struggle then became learning that I had an issue with gluten and it was a goal to find someone who could bring my cheesecake vision to life while keeping me healthy and being gluten free. Well Tami at Muddy Paws became that lifesaver for me. Finding her online and finding out that not only did she have gluten free options to fix my health goals but she also had dairy free options to fit that health goal as well. She had so many amazing flavors of regular cheesecake for us to pick from, but she also had a variety of gluten free and dairy free flavors so that I could have great options for our guests and great flavor options for my gluten free and dairy free restrictions. Tami was a great help in answering all my questions especially since we had to pick up the cheesecakes ourselves to be able to have them for the day. So the option to email her and ask any and all questions that I had. She was kind and so helpful in guiding me through my questions with her expertise to make sure it all worked out great for us. And then our guests raved about how amazing the cheesecake was at the wedding and that made us so happy to hear! Thank you Tami and team for making amazing cheesecakes for us with lots of options and taking really great care of us. I highly recommend you check them out and book them for your next dessert needs, especially if you have dietary restrictions as well.

Abby Myhre
a month ago

Muddy Paws has been our goto dessert for a long time now that it was a no brainer we wanted it for our wedding! We had ordered the mini cheesecakes with 4 flavors and it was a HUGE hit. We had received soo many compliments on how great the dessert was! If you haven’t had a chance yet, idk what you are waiting for?! Go get some cheesecake!

Kate Whitby
a week ago

I have ordered from Muddy Paws multiple times. Cheesecake is amazing! Any flavor you can imagine.They also have great options for group gatherings. We ordered a large sheet cake cheesecake for a birthday party along with toppings and it was the talk of the party. Prices are reflective of made from scratch, fresh, and locally owned small business. Worth it.

Michelle Rayne
4 months ago

We got cheesecakes for our wedding from Muddy Paws. All of their cheesecakes are delicious, but having a taste test really helped us narrow down what we wanted. We chose to use their delivery service, which made everything run smoothly without us having to think about it the day-of. Everyone loved the cheesecakes and we would highly recommend for any event!

Sharon Planer
4 months ago

It was exciting to be the winner of the Muddy Paws Cheesecake Co gift certificate. Thank you to Tami Cabrera and Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals. I served the turtle cheesecake for a special celebration. It was absolutely delicious!!