Love + Valentines

Love + Valentines


It's what we have felt from you and are eternally grateful for! When we faced closing our bakery in December, you showed us so much LOVE! 2.5 million messages of LOVE! You let us know you wanted us to stay open, that you noticed the LOVE we gave back for 30 years to our customers & community and you LOVE our cheesecakes! I cannot put into words how much that restored our hearts and brought us energy to keep going. LOVE means everything!

And LOVE for Marcus Lemonis, who is guiding us to a stronger future and showed love for us and others by placing a $40,000 order! This is helping us in so many ways, especially with cash flow! His gift helped us reopen and his guidance is helping us get stronger - so that we can continue to share the cheesecake LOVE! We are so grateful to you Marcus!

AND LOVE is in the air this VALENTINES week! Stop by Tuesday 2/13: 11a-4p or Wednesday 2/14: 8a-6p for Heart Shaped Cheesecakes! We have a variety of heart-shaped cheesecakes available as well as 9" round cheesecakes. See menu below. We will have these stocked 2/13 and 2/14 for walk-in. You may also reserved these for any day we're open thru 2/17 (in-store only).

We recently shut down our fund page for donations to help us get back on our feet. Many people have asked if they can still donate. Thank you for asking and for that LOVE. If you wish to still donate to our fund: Venmo to @ muddypawscheesecake or mail in a check. All donations $250 and over will be put on our wall (with your permission) of "Who Saved Muddy Paws". People donating $1000 or over may have their company logo or name put on in a larger font. THANK YOU for all the LOVE from all who have donated and kept us going!!

Are you getting married? Congratulations! We LOVE baking Wedding Cheesecakes!!! Stop by or email us to set up a meeting and to get slices to try. We would be honored to help you celebrate your LOVE! We have been baking wedding cheesecakes for 30 years! Guests LOVE being served cheesecake!


Valentines Day Menu

Box of 6 (3") Mini Hearts: $20
1) New York, Raspberry Swirl, Oreo, Key Lime, Caramel Swirl, Chocolate Decadence
2) New York, Raspberry Swirl, Oreo, Turtle, Key Lime, Chocolate Decadence
Box of 1 Dozen (3") Mini Hearts: $36
2 New York, 2 Raspberry Swirl,
2 Oreo, 2 Key Lime,
2 Chocolate Decadence, 2 Turtle

9” Heart Shaped Cheesecake (serves 12):
New York $47
Raspberry Swirl $50
Caramel Swirl $49
Key Lime $49
Chocolate Decadence $49
Turtle $51
Oreo $50

5” Heart-Shaped Cheesecake (serves 2):
New York: $9
Raspberry Swirl or Oreo: $11
Caramel Swirl or Key Lime: $10
Chocolate Decadence: $10
Turtle $12
THAT is a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE! We LOVE You All SO MUCH!! We LOVE being back open and LOVE seeing you and getting your online orders. THANK YOU with all of my HEART. xooxoxoxoxo Tami
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I would like to order a raspberry swirl 9-inch for Valentine’s Day. How do i go about that?

Julie Kosmalski

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