PI DAY 2024

PI DAY 2024

Come to our PI DAY Celebration!
March 14th, 2024 12-7p
Pi “π” Day falls on 3.14!
We will sell slices for $3.14 ALL DAY!*

Thank you so much all of your support these past months! We are so excited to be open and to celebrate with you!

Eggroll Queen and Brick Oven Pizza Bus Food Trucks will be here! Live music all day by: Courtney Yasmineh and Two Men & A Piano

Plus CHEESECAKE of course = 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197 = DELICIOUS!!

We’ll have 7 kinds of cheesecake to choose from (pictured)!

Slices will be $3.14!*

*This year, to save on packaging and to keep line moving, we are selling slices as a 2 pack, in multiple combinations (9″ cheesecakes are cut into 16 slices and each compostable clamshell holds 2 slices). Two packs are $6.28.
Also, new this year, to help with the line: we will sell tickets for the slices. Then go to the cheesecake tables & exchange your ticket(s) for slices. The ticket sales table will be near our driveway entrance.
Entrance is free and open to the public. Kids and canines welcome!

Don’t be Square and come to our PI DAY Celebration! And if you can share this invite and invite friends it really helps!


Event Details:
Muddy Paws Cheesecake, 3359 Gorham Ave, St Louis Park
March 14th, 12-7p

What makes cheesecake the best “Pie” to celebrate with? If you do the math, cheesecake origins date back 4,000+ years to ancient Greece as the first Pie! It was a source of energy and served to athletes during the 1st Olympic games in 776 B.C. It was also served in ancient weddings. And who does wedding cheesecake best? We do!!

*Note: We are not currently able to produce gluten free or vegan options but if this changes, I’ll edit this info.

We will have whole cheesecakes for purchase too! Bring a folding chair if you'd like to stay a while! It will be a very fun day! See you on March 14th!

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Are we able to get a sampler of each of the 7(7×3.14)?

Walter Bell

Could we order 2 slices per each of your 7 flavors for pick up for Pi Day? And we are so glad you found your way through those difficult days!! For all of to enjoy your passion!!!

After our 30 years we can certainly relate.
The Watt Family – Jim, Patti & Madeline
Waldheim Resort
Finlayson MN

Waldheim Resort - Patti Watt

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